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Hi, My name is Hanna and I like to read and write. My favorite things to write are quotes. They make me calm. I also like to write about Greek gods. They are so cool.

Ms.White Pictures

I really think that you should visit the pages on the left side of the screen, They help you with math and some help you learn new games.
I hope that you like my wiki.

This is a page full of things I learn in Ms.Whites Class

Hey, this is a song that I could not resist putting on my wiki it is called "The Call" It is so pretty


The best song with lyrics

I know that it is the best song ever and now so do you.

Here are some more thing that I like. And some weird things that make me scared.

1. I'm am horrified of storms they are really creepy. But I bet that most kids my age think that they are cool and all that weird stuff but they scare me. Every time there is a storm I make a fort and listen to really loud music.
2. I love DUCKS they make me very happy. With there little feet and there soft feathers so cute. But you may think that I'm someone that is a want a be but i did have three ducks and they had a very tradgic ending.

bob1 This is a triangle it has three sides,three points and three edges

bob2this is a square and it has four sides,four points and four edges

bob3This is a pentagon and it has five faces, five points and five edges.

bob4this a hexagon, it has sixs faces, sixs points and sixs edges.

bob5This is another hexagon and it is the same as the one above except it is turned

bob6this is a octagon and it has eight edges eight faces and eight points

Well i am sorry and i could not get my blog to work so i made this page so i wont forget my idea's
click here if you want to see my story Writing Done By Hanna

Here is a link that leads you to a diffrent virson of my Fern story it is on my blog.