Math Tricks
The first thing I really like. It helps you in well math, if you need it.

For example
Well the first step is to put it into expanded form
Then you do the 20x60 and 7
then do the 4x 60 and 7
For example

Then you add all 4 answer
which are
Did you get that

It may seem harder but it is fun for me. I think that you should do it that way.

This is another way

The first step is
Then add the answers
which is 1608

This is yet another way to do 24x67 but it is reverse
The first step is
Then add the answers
See it is reverse

This way can work with pretty much every number. I think that it may work with fractions but I don't know. my favorite way to work it is with decimals those are so much fun but the bigger the number the bigger the answer but that is how it allways work right.

Power Blocks:
This trick is so fun, but it can be really complicated when the probem is longer, Okay here it is.

Okay this sistem can get complicated because it has abbreviations for shapes. Here is the list of shapes you can use:


So there are the shapes, but it gets much more complicated. They are numbered, too 1-? so here are some ?'s (that you will probably not understand). We wrote the anwers in a if/then statement.

Here is a example
How many S3 are in T5?
Answer, 2S3 are in T5
If/then sentence, If 2 T3 = 1S3 and 4 T3= 1T5 then 2S3=T5

(Now if you were not the room I learned this then you probably thought that what I just said was not English.)

This is how Ms.White taught me and my classmates. She told us to think about the book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" you probably know what the story is about. Well, this is a example of a If and Then sentence. This is one sentence from that book:
"If you give a mouse a cookie then he will ask for milk to dip it in"

Notice how it has if and then in it, that is how you think about this trick.

external image 1223-1.jpg
if you want to read it or look inside it click here
and then click on the copy that says look inside and double click if that dosen't work then wikimail me because i don't think i linked it right.

Hello again,
Im now a sixth grader, soon to be seventh and i thought the other day that it would be fun to get back on my wikispaces from last year. Here are some funny but cool tricks my math teacher Ms. Davis teached me this year.

external image calvin-dance.gif
Math can be cool!
Think of your age in years
Mulitply that by 2
Add 10
Muliply 5
Add the number of siblings you have
Subtract 50
Look at your final answer. The first two digits are your age and the last digit is the number of siblings you have! :)

I will soon be updating a way to do Exspanded Notation but with divison it makes it a little more complicated.