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Grass is always Greener
Inspired by Bella M

This is a story filled with stuff some people even scream or dream about. If you are browsing for a nice happy book go to another section. This story is about an old man,the worst step father ever,and, a little girl named fern and her journey to finish the task of her life. If you like the following then you may be able to sleep after this book says the end, but if dont, put this book down and go read the story of Little Red Riding Hood.
One morning, as the shadows from night dissapeared, little old fern woke from a long spring nap. She walked down her stairs and into the kitchen and there stood her stepdad making burnt pancakes. " How did you sleep" he said, spitting tobacco in the trash can. "Very well thanks" Fern said in the oddest way imaginable. " When did you learn how to make pancakes?" fern said, holding her nose from the smell of burning eggs. "Well, me mom tought me how when i was a youngster but they allway had black stuff on them, so that is how I make mine. " How many do you want?" "I'll stick to orange jucie." I went into the fridge, and pulled out the expired orange juice and a straw. As I sipped my juice I thought of all the things in my dream that i had that night. It was night and the sky was as dark as my bruised knee and I saw nothing, and then I felt a slight feeling that I was being watched. I woke up and lay in bed till morning. Now that there was the worst dream that I had ever sence her mom and dad divorced. After that tragedy she never slept right and was never ever in a good mood. She now had to live with an elephant for a dad and a mom who wasn't there for her when she need someones help. She was an only child and had nothing to do but llook in her mirror and say " where did my life go?" "hey fern what you doing?" said my stepdad. "Thinking of a better life" "Well, the grass is allways greener on the other side, now go feed the dog he is getting hungry." " You spend more money on your dogs then you do on yourself" fern said, standing up for herself." Well then i will just feed the dog myself" he said, spitting tobacco at my feet. As he walked out the door he said "remember what i said it is true you will allways think that there is a better life," then he paused and he turned and looked at me "well that place is when you decide that your thoughts are misleading you."
That day was the worst ever. My stepdad said I was not going to collage and that he was spending the money that he had been saving for my collage on cigars. That just made me mad. And then he told me that my mom was dieing so I dicided that I was going to leave and never come back and go to my mom that is in West Virgina.
This was the night because her stepdad had been drinking and he was plastered to the sofa, she packed her bag very slowly and went out her back window and I've got to say when you have to travel from Maryland to West Virgina you feel like the most important person on earth.
She knew that she would end up meeting someone and as that sentance drifted out of her head she notice something floating in the lake that she was passing. She knew that it was something moveing and her first thought was a dieing fishing but then it amerge from the water and threr infrount of her was a pale skined man starring at her then his lips moved and she heard the words "cursed at the birth" and then she ran and did not look back then things went dark when she felt a pain at her hip.
When her eyes softly opened she felt a breeze in her hair then she opened her eyes all the way. Her vision was blurred and she felt nothing bellow the waste then she looked around she saw the a stick was jammed in her hip and she was lying against a tree and was covered in blood. Then she noticed that the stick in her hip was no stick it was a arrow and it was not in to far. But she was to delutional to notice how much pain she was in her head was a gigsaw puzzle all she saw in her mind was blackness, Then she remembered the palefaced man did he drown or did he shoot the arrow? then her eyes got heavy and she saw stars so she lyed down then everything went black for pour fern.
Now in most(all) storyies this is when the auther of the book loses train of thought and the book gose down hill but not this one i will keep my mind pasted to the story so you can enjoy the adventure of this book.

Let the rain teach you how to dance
By Hanna
It starts with a few steps, then you twirling
Move you feet from puddle to puddle
Drip by drip you become a rain dancer
The wet tear like drops fall from the starry sky
Soon you on the ground laughing
Drifting off to sleep
When you hear that quick beat of them falling to the ground
With a quick smile you hop to you feet and start to Dance
Let it rain let it rain…