Poseidon roman name is Neptune and he is the god of the sea, earthquakes and horses. Although he was officaly one of the supreme gods of Mount Olympus, he spent most of his time in his watery domain.

Poseidons brother was Zues and Hades. These three gods divided up there sreations. Zues was ruler of the sky, Hades had dominion of the Underworld and poseidon was given all water, fresh and salt.

Although there were various rivers owed already owned by other gods, Poseidon had married Nereus's daughter,the sea-nymph

The Olympians agreed that the earth itself would be ruled jointly, with Zeus as king. This led to a number of territorial disputes among the gods. Poseidon vied with Athena to be patron deity of Athens. The god demonstrated his power by striking the Acropolis with his three-pronged spear , which caused a salt water spring to emerge.

Odysseus blinded Polyphemus, the Cyclops who was Poseidens son. Poseidon was furious. He stop Odysseus from coming home from the Trojan Wars and he sunk Odysseuses boat.

Thousands of years ago many people believed in a god named Zeus. He was considered to be the god of the sky and weather and his image appeared on most Greek coins. The people of Greece worshipped this idol as their god. Zeus became one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Phidias, a famous Greek sculptor and his laborers carved a giant statue of Zeus in a special workshop behind the temple. It was made entirely of ivory and gold (Chryselephantine). When finished it sat in the temple on an elaborate throne along with sculptures and paintings of Greek myths and legends. Zeus was the most celebrated statue of ancient times because of its greatness, charm and worth.
He is also the king of Mount Olympus. And the simble for him and his powers are lightning bolts, eagles, bulls and a oaks and he is the god ofsky of thunder in greek mythology

Short Stories
On a Swing
Being on a swing is like flying through the air. There always seems to be a better place when your on the ground, but when your on a swing you feet never seemed to touch the ground your flying.

Music is happiness for the ear. It always there when your down and it always in your mind to keep you chin up and you always seem to want to hear more.