I pod reviews

Domino Falls
If you would like to play this game then you have to have to be able to place things down very softly. this is how you play, the first step to being a master at this game is being able to plan ahead you need that skill because, you start out with three starting dominos and one at the end you try and build a domino train to start at the beging and end up nocking down the last domino and yes i this game you are timed and that is how you win the level but you also havet to go through the steps and long jumps to get to the last domino. I think that this game is useful for every day life because it sharpens you use of strategy.

Towering Blocks. This game is really fun. You really have to have a real good placesment of things. This game is called towering blocks because you end up having to build towers with sections of buildings hanging from the sky and there is many goals and levels. One of my very favorite levels is party mode it is when you try and build a building really fast and you dont miss the stack of blocks and you can also build a city. I think that this game is not really useful in real life because i don't think that many kids grow up to build towers but the consept is really good for real life because you need to think on you feet.

Meta Sqares. I love this game and I think that a hole lot of kids do to. The consept of this game is quite easy if you learn fast but you also have to be able to see things that are not easyly spotted. The first step is to try and build big sqares out of little marbles on a board the bigger the better. You also play an oponent and they can block and build sqares to you can get a certain amout of points for each sqare and if you make then sideways they are worth more points the one who get the most sqares wins.

Water Slide This game is easy to learn but hard to teach so if I sound weird I'm soory. Well this game is called water slide because that is what you do you slide donw a water slide and try do get the herats and dimonds placed on the track and try to not hit the crabs and ducks they slow you down. Also in this game you are timed and you can fall off. Yet another rule is you can slow down by tilting the ipods toward you and to speed up turn it away from you and the read line give you hiper speed.

Math Tricks. Well this game can't be judjed by it's name. I bet some kinds come by it and say I dont want to study math tricks and then go on. But that is true and it's not. This game is studying and well it is math but it is really useful it teachs you how to do lots of cool math tricks. First it tells you how to do the trick then it gives you a problem.

Vortex. Well this is a game on one of the nanos and it is so fun but it is hard this is the hole point but i might point out i think that it is not usefull in the real world okay here gose. well this is a game were you try to break blocks in the middle of a circle and you are a flat surfuse that moves on the outside and you try to break all the blocks without the ball going out of the circle there are tuns of diffrent good and bad thing that slowly go out of the circle but they can you do not lose if they go out only the ball one good thing is the bubble that shoots out that can make your surfuse grow and the other one make them smaller there is also the thing that make you have like 5 diffrent balls it is so cool.

Tap Tap Revenge. This is a stupied game that i think that no kid should enjoy it. All it dose is send diffrent color bubbles at you and you have to hit them at the right time. wow who would make such a boreing game.

Book Worm. Now I think that this is a very educational game. So here is how to play so this is kinda like a word seach but you make the words so the first step is they give you a board that is covered with letters and you try to make words, Now you may be thinking ohh this is easy, trust me it is not. So there is a thing called a fire cube and if you do not make a word before it reaches the bottom or you lose. And there is also a green cube and gold cube they are both good they are actualy are bonus. There is also bonus words if you make that word then you get 1,000 points bonus. :-)

3D Drum Set. Well this is a game were you can hit any drum and it plays like a real drum set
Vortex: I think that this is a okay game. But I think that it will not help anyone with really any skills what so ever.