Here are some of the reasons why my class and I want faster Internet

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Hanna: My reason is because I spend most of my time on the computer and most of the time I am waiting for something to load and then i have to get off.

Rebecca: I think we should have faster internet because just looking at the desktop waists are time in the computer lab and we only have a little bit of time.

Adriana: because i might need to learn something that i can't find it in a book or etc.

Victoria: The reason I think we should have faster internet is because...

1 We don't have time to finish our assignments because the internet won't load.

2 If we want to do something at home and the internet won't load, than you can't do what you need to do.

3 If there is a family emergency, and you can't get into your email, you can't find out that it is happening.

Celine: Because we could spend more time learning then waiting for something to load.

Nicolas: Sometimes my computer takes forever to load a page because it has a lot of flash stuff.

Trey: We need because the internet is a valuable resource that we use every day for info.

Nakia: There really slow and you won't be able to get your work done.

Anna: Because you might be in a hurry

Sam: Because we life in a very tree populated area and it may block internet connection.

Sammy: Because I have limited time on the computer and I have to wait for my dad to get off because he is waiting for something to load.

Emmy: Because school budget is going down hill and they may not support technology updates

William: We are uploading lots of file for like digital fabrication projects and we need faster downloads.

Carter-I think its fine at least we have one!!!