I wasn't your kind of kid that loves the sence of danger. Adventure. And moving. I like to stay in one spot and wish that we never leave it, but... my parents are completly diffrent they are allways wanting to go to leave to some foren country. Like for are last vacation they took me to a african museum to learn about african gods. The worst vacation EVER.
My mom is a writer/artist, she is allways wanting to find an insperation for a book. My dad is an exsplorer, he is etheir home with his nocse barried in a book or is not home at all of on some adventure. Parents. I guess you could say that I am lonley. Because every morning I wake up in silence my moms not up making breakfast like she used to and my dad is not yelling at the news reporters on T.V. I am alone i get up make breakfast and go back to bed. I graduated from collage about four mounths ago and you could say that I could tale care of myself but everyone wants one morning were they can awake to the smell of pancakes... I haven't had that for a whole year after it happened... never again.